Laboratory Diagnostics

Laboratory Diagnostics at Wyomissing Animal Hospital

Here at Wyomissing Animal Hospital, we have the capability of in-house laboratory diagnostics including CBC, Chemistry panels, urinalysis and other important testing. Our lab provides us with rapid and comprehensive analysis capabilities to make immediate decisions pertaining to the care of our patients. We also use outside laboratories for non-urgent bloodwork as well as non-routine and advanced laboratory testing.

Below are some common lab panels and services we provide:

  • Wellness bloodwork panels are offered at our wellness visits as preventative care and early disease detection. These are comprehensive panels that check organ, function, blood counts, tick and heart worm status, fecal samples checking for intestinal parasites, urinalysis and thyroids levels depending on the age of your pet. They provide our staff with baseline levels to reference later as your pet ages as well as early disease detection.
  • Pre-surgical bloodwork panels are performed prior to your pet’s surgical procedure to ensure safer anesthesia.
  • Sick pet panels offer variety of testing for organ function, red and white blood cell diseases, infectious diseases, thyroid issues, biopsies, bladder disease, bowel disease, cardiac function to name a few.

Drug monitoring is necessary for certain medications your pet may be on. They are important measures to ensure your pet is on safe dosages.

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