Reasons Why Owning a Cat Is Awesome!

Are you looking to get a new family member, look no further and adopt a cat. They are really good little companions and if you don’t agree here is a few reasons why.

1: Independent
Cats are very independent. If you live in an apartment or even a city space isn’t a big issue with cats. If you happen to be a workaholic you don’t have to worry either, they will just appreciate when you are home.

2: Bathe Themselves:
Cats bathe themselves so you don’t have to worry about trying to make them take a bath. Especially since they most likely won’t be too fond of the idea either.

3: Love to share:
What is yours is also theirs.

Cat sleeping on keyboard

4: No House-breaking:
No need to ever get up in the middle of the night to let your little one outside.

5: Self Entertainers:
They will entertain themselves with boxes, bags, or especially a window. Even if you spend money on new toys they will usually like the wrappers they came in even more!

6: They are couch potatoes:
Cats sleep up to 15 hours a day so don’t ever think they will judge you for wanting to have a lazy day.

7: Your seat will never get warm:
Not even for a second!

Cat standing next to bed

8: Great Interior Designers:
Cats are really good at helping with decor. Sometimes we just don’t see that it just doesn’t “work”. Don’t waste money on silly designers just adopt a cat.

9: Avid hunters:
Don’t like bugs? Well neither do cats and they will make sure to find and play with them. They will also make sure that the dust bunny population doesn’t get too large.

10: Cuddly:
Even though cats are very independent they still love to cuddle and purr. They will love anytime you are home.

11: Saving a life:
Not only would you be saving your new cat’s life but saving your own. Having a pet significantly lowers blood pressure and heart disease. Petting a cat even for a few moments set off “feel good” endorphins.

12: Cats are great companions:
You will never have to go to the bathroom alone. They are
also really good at alerting people if a door is ever closed.

Cat inside owners pants

13: Cats are avid readers:
They will curl right up with you
and even lay on the pages.

14: Cats are just awesome:
They all have such cute little personalities and can fit in with almost every environment.

If you are looking for a new cat to join your family. There are a bunch of a great new additions in all age groups available at the Animal Rescue League.
You can even look at a few on their website