The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

Did you know that there is an amazing permanent identification that you can put on your pets that you never have to worry about them losing? They are called microchips and they have been returning lost pets to their owners for years!

Microchips are tiny computer chips that are about the size of a grain of rice that when scanned hold a number that will have all of your pets and your information. Microchips are easily applied much like a normal vaccine and can be inserted during a normal office visit without anesthesia.

Microchips are great in addition to normal collars and tags but what is great about microchips is you never have to worry about them falling off or breaking. They are inserted under the skin of your pet generally between the shoulder blades. They are easily scanned with a microchip scanner that rescues and veterinarians have. The scanning process doesn’t harm your pet in any way either.

The most important part of getting your pet microchipped is following up on the registration process. A lot of owners get their pets through rescues where they are already microchipped when they get them, which is great. However, a lot of the times owners don’t actually log in the website that their microchip brand is and make sure that their pet is registered to them. A lot of owners don’t register the microchip number their pets have to themselves. That means that if your pet would get lost and you never registered your pet to you, their microchip number will alert the rescue that you rescued them from or even the veterinarian hospital at which your pet was microchipped at and not the owner at all.

Also, make sure that your information is always up to date. Make sure any time you move or get a new phone number to make sure that you update the information that is registered to your pet. Most microchip companies do reach out to the owners once a year to make sure that the information is up to date but it’s also good to check on your own as well. Also, try to give as much information as you can and give multiple people. Just in case your pet gets away and is found but you don’t have cell service that the next person in line does and can get your pet home safely.

Microchips are a great form of permanent identification that we have for our wonderful pets as long as we use them correctly. Always make sure that your pet’s microchip is registered properly along with your updated information. Also, an added benefit to having your pet microchipped that most townships will let you get a lifetime license if your pet is microchipped so that is one more thing to not have to worry about.