Why Adopt a Senior Dog? Let Me Count the Reasons!

1: Senior dogs need homes too! They are super loyal and loving.

2: Adopting older dogs will save a life. Sadly most shelters are overcrowded and what’s even sadder is generally the older dogs are the pets that are euthanized first.

3: Older dogs don’t mean more problems. A lot of older dogs are given to shelters for the same reason as other dogs. The family moved, sometimes the owner passed away, a new baby, and so on and so on.

4: Older dogs come trained. Don’t worry about trying to potty train or even simple commands because generally, they come with all the knowledge already.

5: Older dogs are calmer. They are less destructive because they aren’t going through the puppy ‘chew on everything’ stage. They also tend to do better with children.

Old dog

6: They are instant companions. They will go on walks with you, are leash-trained already, great work out buddies, and or course, are snuggle bugs!

7: Sadly senior pets are more likely to never get a new home again.

8: You know what you are going to get. What’s great with older dogs is you already know their temperament. You know how big they are going to get and you know what is going on with their health already.

9: You can teach them new tricks. It’s an old wives tale you can’t teach an old dog new tricks because that has been proven wrong time and time again.

10: You can almost custom order your dog. By getting an older dog you already know how big they are going to get, how long the hair is going to be, if they are good with other animals, and if they have any health issues like dental disease.

11: Senior dogs are good with senior people as well. They are very good at being relaxing and comforting.

12: You can adopt a pure bred if you want. The great thing about a senior pet is that you know what you are getting so if you want a certain breed you can make sure you get it.

13: Senior dogs are super relaxing. They will be great to hang out with and curl up and watch a movie with.

14: They are super grateful. There is nothing like adopting an older dog. They are so grateful and they show it. It’s amazing.

15: Who wouldn’t want an amazing dog to spend their time with?