Keeping Pets Entertained Indoors

During the winter months, it can be hard to figure out what to do with your pet to keep them happy, healthy, and sometimes most importantly, entertained. We came up with a list for both cats and dogs. Leave a comment if you think we left anything out!

Cats are generally easier to keep entertained when you are not home or even when you are home but here are some easy tips to help make them feel more comfortable.

Cat laying down on couch

  1. Get cat-friendly plants: wheatgrass or catnip are good choices (watch out for toxic plants it’s always good to check or get from pet stores) The plants will allow them to chew and enjoy what they would outside with the grass.
  2. Feeders: cats love to watch and see prey so getting bird and squirrel feeders are great to keep them entertained and watching things outside.
  3. Play hide and treat cat’s love to “hunt” by placing treats around the house or even getting treat dispensing toys that will give them the illusion of hunting.
  4. Playtime: play, when you are home, just a few times a day, will keep them happy and healthy.
  5. Create “fun” zones: place cat trees or scratching post in a corner or by a window with some toys. If you want you can even screen in places right outside a window or even on a porch that the cat can go into to enjoy the outdoors without any danger.
  6. Get a buddy: cats are better in pairs, then they can create all kinds of new games and stuff together and if one is bored they tend to always find a way to make their buddy play with them.
  7. Soothing sounds: generally cats like music just like people/babies, leaving soothing music on when gone generally helps, such as a soft piano or string instruments.

Dogs, on the other hand, are generally not as content on being indoors but hopefully, the following tricks with help keep them entertained.

Dog sprawling out on bed

  1. Play “which hand game”: place a treat in one hand and close both fists and let your dog try to use their sense of smell to figure out which hand it is.
  2. “Three Cup game”: place a treat or something rewarding to your dog under one of the cups and move them all around and try to get your dog to pick the right cup.
  3. Teach new tricks: a dog is never too old for new tricks, you can always teach new things like “how to find my slippers”.
  4. Kongs: people will swear by them, fill them up with peanut butter, wet or dry food and you can give just like that or even frozen to keep them entertained for even longer.
  5. Master obedience: still trying to get your dog to sit or stay right away try working on that task while your stuck inside.
  6. Try something new: try teaching them clicker training, it’s a positive reinforcement way of training and it generally fun for you and your dog.
  7. Teach your dog how to clean up their toys: this one will even help you out, start one toy at a time until they understand.
  8. Puzzle toys: there are tons of puzzle toys at pet stores and even getting bully sticks or barebones to chew on for hours.
  9. Play fetch: obviously a nice indoor way of playing inside, with soft toys is generally a good idea.
  10. Master “doggie massage”: this will help out older pets, reduce anxiety, relieves stress, improves circulation and helps with bonding.
  11. Create obstacle courses: set towels and boxes or even treats all around and try to make your dog take certain paths to get to the reward.
  12. Blow bubbles: some dogs love this and will entertain them for hours they even make pet bubble making toys.
  13. New toys: or you can even rotate the toys you already have, if your dog hasn’t seen it for a while they love when it come back out.
  14. Tug-a-jug: a very good toy to keep pets entertained you can fill them with kibble or even small treats.
  15. Pupsicles: you can freeze chicken broth, peanut butter, baby carrots or treats and then give to your pet as your on your way out.
  16. Exercise: dogs need and love exercise, try taking them for a brisk walk before leaving or once get home.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help keep your furry family members entertained but always make sure whenever giving your pet a new treat or toy to watch them when they first get them to make sure they won’t eat or destroy them. You don’t want to cause any sort of harm. Also if your pet is on any sort of dietary restrictions always check with your veterinarian first before giving any kind of treat.